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29 years ago, thanks to the eminent cello professor Dobrila Berković Magdalenić, the International Summer Music School “UZMAH” was founded, which in Zagreb, Osijek and Milna on the island of Brač hosts great names from the world of music. From July 15 to August 22, guest lecturers will be Natalia Gvozdetskaya from Moscow, Ana Kandinskaya from Vienna, Stephanie Gonley and  Ofer Falk from London, Ana Domančić Krstulović Art Academy In Split, David Grigorian from Munich and Gustavo Tavares from Brasil, Dorotea Vismara from Livorno Conservatory in Italy and Joel Hoffman, professor emeritus of Cincinnati University in USA. Eva Huhn will hold a violin seminar in Osijek.  As every year, students and professors will work on their artistic training in ten-day seminars and eventually hold concerts for all visitors to Milna, Ložišće, Bobovišće, Sutivan, Supetar, Osijek or Zagreb.

International School “UZMAH” promotes non-institutional programs for the upbringing and education of children and young people in the field of art. It is especially important for children and teenagers to be provided extra non-institutional education especially during school holidays when they are fully devoted to their artistic advancement, free from school commitments. Seminars that “UZMAH” organizes are of a very high academic level because professors are eminent artists coming from prestigious academies around the world such as the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, the Guildhall Music School in London, the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna, the Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt. By arrival of professors who carry the title PhD in arts we are approaching European cultural circle and at the same time working to improve teaching in schools. In addition, it is very important that participants of the seminar come from all over the world so that our students can get to know different cultures and ideas and experiences from other music academies around the world. The seminar very often results in awards at Croatian and international competitions. Also, often, students who attended seminars get invited by the professors to study in their categories at prestigious academies around the world. In addition to active participants, it is important to note that the professors regularly listen to seminars and thus contribute greatly to lifelong learning. Seminars held in Zagreb are often organized in cooperation with the Agency for Education, Music Schools and the Music Academy as a professional training of professors.

The “UZMAH” association has its headquarters in Ložišće, on the island of Brac, a small town with decreasing population, while at the beginning of the century there were several 1,000 inhabitants and culture and art were highly appreciated. It is well known that in one of the Nazor palaces in Ložišće there were even 5 pianos. In Ložišće, at the end of the 19th century the church of saint John and Pavel was built in Ložišće with the famous Rendić belfry and Bazzani organ from Venice. All of that suggest that in nineteenth century, we were greatly associated with the European cultural circle and the goal of “UZMAH” is to revive all these cultural and historical monuments with music and various cultural events. Poet Vladimir Nazor spent his early childhood in Ložišće, and Bobovišća and his port of Bobovisca are often mentioned in his works. In memory of Vladimir Nazor, Uzmah regularly organizes a concert on the balconies where he spent his childhood. The concert is called the Midnight Serenade and the professors and attendees perform and revive the number of music that was played at the time when all of these cultural-historical monuments were created. It is a nice sight to see the audience as well as listen to music from every corner of the port, as the stone houses surrounding the harbour they allow excellent acoustics so the music is heard throughout the whole port. Audiences listen to music from the coast, balconies, windows, boats and sailing boats that come in large numbers. In this sense, it is active in the preservation and promotion of Croatian cultural and historical heritage as all the concerts of the International School “UZMAH” are organised in cultural and historical monuments.

Another important feature of the International Schools is the development of cultural tourism in a region where tourism is undeveloped. Nowadays tourists are looking for additional contents and the International School Excursion offers exceptionally beautiful ambience and natural/cultural-educational content of a very high degree, as attested by attendees coming from all over the world. A quality organization and cultural offer attracts not only active participants but also the whole families who are accompanying and staying in these small tourist places longer than usual tourists. Concerts, seminars, social gatherings and teachers make this project attractive to many generations not only for attendants but also for tourists who come to a large number at concerts. The concerts are very well attended, because the artistic quality is very high – the participants are regularly awarded at Croatian and international competitions and the professors are eminent artists whose concerts in the world halls sought after.